Happy New Year 2023!

What is revenue cycle management?
December 5, 2022
The Benefits of Outsourcing RCM
January 17, 2023

Well, 2022 proved to be the most difficult year since the pandemic hit.

Financially speaking for both hospitals and health systems. 

The path toward an organization’s recovery is heavily dependent on revenue cycle management efficiency. 

Many health systems and hospitals are too labor-intensive which is resulting in very lengthy process flows. 

This causes problems for both the patients as well as for overall revenue capture. 

To succeed in 2023 RCM leaders have to transform the patients and the entire organization’s revenue cycle experience. 

Leaders must learn to manage payer rules, and navigate workforce shortages all while in an inflationary environment.

RCM Questions to ponder going into 2023: 

  • How are you addressing your current RCM challenges?
  • Is your organization’s revenue cycle patient-centered / focused? 
  • Is your revenue cycle management software streamlined/automated?

As we continue to evolve technologically it is essential to adapt your organization to these technological changes. 

By adapting your organization stays profitable.

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