Our History

About MCA

22 Years of Excellence

MC AnalyTXs, Inc. (MCA) was founded in 1995 in Houston, Texas. Since then MCA's client list has grown to include some of the largest teaching hospitals in the country. MCA's Medicare Review Project has recovered millions of dollars in underpayments for these hospitals. At the core of this project is MCA's proprietary computer system which identifies differences so accurately and so thoroughly that clients asked us to apply our expertise and create a system that reaches beyond Medicare inpatients and outpatients to include all government and managed care Payors. The AnalyTXs AllPayor® System is a result of this collaboration.

The AnalyTXs AllPayor® System design goals were simple.

Create a system that is functionally rock-solid, fast, accurate, easy to use, accessible through the web with no user capital outlay, intuitive, totally point and click, built on Oracle - the best database in the world, HIPAA secure, and capable of modeling all of the contract terms a United, Aetna, Blue Cross, Humana, CIGNA, Medicare, Medicaid or any other plan can throw at it.

This is simply the best, most well designed, robust, user-friendly system available today, period.