We Are Industry Experts. We Save $Millions.

Our talented team of experienced industry experts comes with a comprehensive mix of finance, operational, healthcare and technology backgrounds.

But we have one thing in common: a focus on offering tailored, customer-centered service while providing cost-effective solutions capable of producing millions for your bottom line.In every engagement, we work as a valued partner with you so that you can do what you do best: run a hospital or physician practice that is financially strong enough to put patients first.


Our success depends on building strong partnerships with our customers, and we work tirelessly to provide the level of service that earns and re-earns their business, their trust and their loyalty every day.


Senior Staff

Eric V. Depew

President & Treasurer

+1 (281) 920-0300 ext 101

Eric Depew serves as president and treasurer of MCA, overseeing all business development activities. He also is responsible for operations and marketing. Eric plays a vital role in leading MCA’s strategic business goals, which include a strong focus on leveraging the robust Oracle Platform to market MCA’s AllPayor System to health care providers. He joined MCA in 1995 as vice president, later serving as senior vice president.

Rick Dortch

Sr. Vice President, Application Development

+1 (281) 920-0300 ext 103

As Senior Vice President of Application Development, Rick Dortch oversees MCA’s corporate system security. Following a long and successful career working with Oracle Applications, Rick joined the company in 2003 as vice president of Oracle Application development. He has spearheaded the development of MCA’s premiere software–the AllPayor® System.

Gary Ward

Vice President, Client Services

+1 (281) 920-0300 ext 110

Gary Ward, PMP, is vice president of client services. With more than 25 years of experience in clinical operations, finance, and information systems management, he manages product implementations, day-to-day data processing, and contract modeling components at MCA. Gary joined the firm in 2005 after serving as a consultant for high-profile MCA clients.