Oracle Partnership

MC AnalyTXs is a Gold Level Oracle® Partner on the cutting edge of healthcare information systems development. The partnership between MC AnalyTXs and Oracle began over 20 years when MCA built its first contract management and claims management system using the Oracle Database and Oracle Applications. The AnalyTXs AllPayor application is a proprietary Oracle based computer system developed specifically to load contracts, receive and consolidate claim data, calculate expected plan benefit, receive payment data and compare the expected plan benefit to the actual amount paid by the payor. Differences are identified and reporting systems allow drill-down to claim level details so they can be worked directly from those exception reports.
Our Platforms
MCA has now taken our Oracle relationship to the next level with the Oracle Cloud. While the cloud clearly represents the future, many healthcare organizations remain mired in the past—not because they’ve failed to embrace the cloud but because they are hampered by first-generation solutions that barely scratch the surface of the modern cloud’s potential. Such solutions are often narrow in scope (preventing enterprise information sharing) and fail to acknowledge the reality of a multi-cloud universe in which information needs to be transferred with speed and ease between clients and servers.

While the cloud has been evolving, Oracle has been investing billions of dollars developing an enterprise cloud that represents the first true next-generation cloud. While other vendors may boast of comprehensive cloud solutions, none can offer what Oracle Cloud does: the broadest collection of cloud services on the market. And now, the AnalyTXs AllPayor system takes full advantage of the power and flexibility of the Oracle Cloud.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

The AnalyTXs AllPayor system is Oracle Cloud based. Hospital access to the AnalyTXs AllPayor system is quick and easy through a secure encrypted SSL connection from the client to the MCA Oracle Cloud servers.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

MCA utilizes the industry’s #1 database (Oracle Database) and the #1 application server (Oracle WebLogic Server). Oracle PaaS is the industry’s leading enterprise cloud platform--built on proven Oracle technology that runs everywhere. The AnalyTXs AllPayor system, utilizing Oracle PaaS, helps organizations drive innovation and business transformation. AnalyTXs AllPayor takes full advantage of the High-Performance Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition.

Why Choose Us?

Here are 3 Reasons why our solution is the best.


First-generation healthcare solutions often seem to focus on the provider rather than the customer, forcing organizations to adapt to everything from workflows to provider-imposed scheduled upgrades.
Not so with AnalyTXs AllPayor and Oracle Cloud. We understand that the best healthcare software solutions adapt to your business. From the underlying infrastructure to the Oracle development tools, Oracle Cloud lets MC AnalyTXs quickly and easily modify and enhance the application to meet our customer's needs.


Don’t let disconnected data, disparate processes, and incomplete information continue to plague your organization. MC AnalyTXs can help connect people, processes, information, and analytics through an integrated suite of applications called AnalyTXs AllPayor while taking full advantage of the Oracle Cloud.
Let us help your organization chart a clear path and steady course well into the future. With AnalyTXs AllPayor and Oracle Cloud you will see staff productivity soar as processes, data, and workloads are shifted to AnalyTXs AllPayor. Your organization can gain unparalleled insight into contract negotiations, payment analysis, pricing transparency and much more. .


Backed by 19 worldwide data centers, an army of Oracle-badged cloud security experts, and around-the-clock monitoring and support, Oracle Cloud provides the assurances you need to ensure that your data is safe.
Secure data isolation, including full encryption at rest, and unified data access controls backed by the leader in cloud security means you can rest easy that your data is secure with the AnalyTXs AllPayor system and the Oracle Cloud.